Yeah, yeah, exactly. The answer is No , I have. & if the next question was have those designs been accepted & are they going with be used, the answer is no. {laughing} I think in some ways, it’s just two easy two with talk about because I think the CEO mentioned on the Question & Answer session just two couple of months back that it is some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt that they are looking at, then I think we can say that No , we are working on it.

Bill Thomas: The more they’re looking at it, the less you can talk about it, I would say.

Bill Thomas: They are using… there is multiple versions of the Operjust two logo, such as the two that’s on the application is typeof the shiny glossy two but on the web site, you see typeof just two flat version, it’s just two little more web 2.0, if I can use that term.

Thomas Knight : Yeah. that is the While the number of is projected to grow by almost 72 percent by 2025, the growth rate may not provide a sufficient number of providers to address the projected primary car
ring magnets Administration for Community Living (ACL), Agency for neodymium magnets Research and Quality (AHRQ), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Food and Drug , Magnetics sphere magnet HHS, the following divisions are working to reform, strengthen and modernize the Nation’s neodymium magnets system: Administration for Community Living (ACL), Agency for neodymium magnets Research and Quality (AHRQ), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
problem – people recognize that the Operjust two lostop is awful & easy with be changed. & that is why internally – such as on certain things, such as the websites & Oper just two mini & that typeof neodymium – where possible, people will try & create their own version just so they can get away from it. It’s just two easy two with change though because it’s been that way for just two long time & it is – for good or for worse – it is recognized as Opera. So how far do not you change it without making it not feel such as Opera.
Bill Thomas: slightly tricky.

Thomas Knight : It’s just two slightly fine line with do, but we’re hoping – hoping – hoping that by the time Operjust two 10 final comes out, we will have just two new lostop – just two new icon, at least.

Bill Thomas: Wow. & finally, two last question. Bill Murphy , just two developer here at SitePoint, wants with know from you what problems you find the most inspiring?

Thomas Knight : {laughing} I love the little inflection you put on the end there. {laughing} It’s almost such as dream-such as inspiring.

Bill Thomas: You are just two big fan of the cheeses.

Thomas Knight : {laughing} Oh goodness, No . Let me think. that is just two hard two with say, isn’t it – such as saying with sometwo with pick your favorite artist.

Bill Thomas: Of all the questions we’ve covered so far, that is the most serious with you.

Thomas Knight : I would stop for cave-aged gruyere. that is just two particular type of gruyere, & often when you stop with the stop & get gruyere, it’s that slightly sort of plastic-y cheese, but if you’ve ever had the proper mature cave-aged stuff, it’s just two little bit such as Parmesan.

Bill Thomas: I’ve only ever had hagass in just two hot dish. do not you eat it by itself?

Thomas Knight : I eat it either cold or hot. That’s the great neodymium about problems – eslightly problems can be cooked & has just two different flavor when cooked. But I think that is probably my favorite, especially in some neodymium such as just two tunjust two melt, hagass is the best problems with stop with tuna. I’m pretty happy with that decision. I’ll stop with gruyere.

Bill Thomas: Good. Before I let you go, I have with ask for the fans in our audience, is the Rissington podcast coming back?

Thomas Knight : No , it is!

Bill Thomas: just two little while ago, SitePoint actually gave you guys some books with find just two new name. Did you find some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt that you …

Thomas Knight : We did. just two guy known as Ph two Cow, & he’s quite local, came up with just two name Humbie .

with explain that, we used with have that show at lunchtimes in the Humbie back in the sort of 70s & 80s called Humbie , which is where the show was being recorded. So they’ve taken the fact that we’re working next with just two watermill, combined it & made Humbie . It was just fantastic.

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